Legal Lingo: Rap Edition

Yo, it’s time to drop some legal knowledge, let’s get into the hype;ITA contractors in the game, they need to know their rights;

If you’re signing a contract, watch out for the clause that’s tight;No variation clause can change the game overnight;

Now let’s talk science, it’s not just a claim or a fame;Curie Law of Paramagnetism, it’s a magnetic game;

When it comes to tint on your ride, there’s legal and illegal to find;Tint laws are no joke, so make sure you’re not colorblind;

For those in the UK, the JJ Rules 2007, you can’t miss this link;Legal guides are essential, they’ll help you to think;

Employment rights, you gotta know if you want to stay;No work, no pay might not be legal, check it out today;

From Addis Ababa to Harar, the legal history of Ethiopia is deep, it’s not just a cafe;

If you need legal aid, don’t just sit and stare;Legal aids near me can always be there;

For the law enforcement officers, there’s something you gotta know;Highest paid states will help your cash flow;

And last but not least, let’s talk about some fun, don’t be a crook;Crazy state laws still on the books, take a look!